S.L.U.R.P. Distilled

Soup...so simple, comforting, and evocative of the things we all love about food. No other food form so easily and completely encompasses the most rewarding emotions of "the meal". It can nourish, energize, warm or cool you. It can serve as a lead-in to bigger things, or take the main stage itself. Most importantly, it can be reminiscent of home - instantly making you feel that all is well and safe and strong.

S.L.U.R.P. Guidelines

S.L.U.R.P (Soup Lends Understanding, Relaxation, & Pleasure)

Ok, everyone…here’s the deal; so many of you have been so complimentary over the years with regard to my soups, I am now offering them on an ever-changing monthly basis. The way the program works is as follows:
To Get Started:

Simply navigate to the “S.L.U.R.P.” section of the website, determine how much of the particular offering for that month you’d like, and place your order.
Before finishing the checkout process for the first time, you will be asked to create a user profile. This profile helps with order tracking and will allow you to have a specific archived record of your order history on the website. Easy.

The Ins and Outs:

I will determine a soup offering each month based entirely on my evil whim and the seasonal availability of different products.
Pricing is a flat $11.00/quart (one quart feeds 3-4 people) regardless of the total order size, and you may order as many 1-quart increments as you’d like.
You’ll be able to see which soups will be upcoming in both the newsletter and on the website and can place your monthly order right on the site.
Your order is respectfully requested to be placed by the 25th of each month for the following month’s selection and all orders must be paid in full prior to receiving the soup. To this end, you may either use the PayPal/credit card link on the website, or select “offline” payment with which you can pay with a personal check.
Finally, you may choose to pick up your order at my table at Tony Caputo’s Market (300 South, in between 3rd and 4th West, SLC) on the first Saturday of any given month, or have it delivered to your home for a $5 delivery fee.
Soups will be given/delivered fresh in liquid-and-air-tight re-usable/recyclable containers but may be frozen as you choose to save them for a later date.

Most soups will keep well fresh for 7-10 days, in some cases longer. —- And if you harass me or make me sad…..NO SOUP FO’ YOU!!! Please also be advised that all soup-of-the-month/SLURP participants will heretofore be referred to as “Slurpies” and may have their privileges revoked at any time for blasphemy or other erroneous crimes perpetrated against soup.

** As always, if anyone has particular questions or thoughts, you are always welcome to call my Mumbai-based call center or me personally, as well as email me through the website.